Professional Web Design

Expertise and Experience

We know pretty much all there is to know about web design. We’ve been developing bespoke websites at Frieze Design, for some 20 years.

Yes, we have expert knowledge design and coding, but we’ve learnt that those skills alone do not make a good web designer. There are more important things.

What’s Important?

Good web design is achieved by understanding; why you’re designing, what you’re designing, and who you’re designing for.

This is why our experience is important – we can help you to clarify your website aims, identify who your audience is and what they’ll require – then design a website that’s centred on those core objectives.

Structure, Priorities, Usability and ‘Findability’

In using our professional web design services, you can be sure your website will be logically structured, by prioritising your aims and ensuring your users are easily able to navigate around the site to quickly find what they need.

Additionally, we’ll use our extensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make your website is ‘findable’ via Google and other major search engines.