hosting and domian name set-up service

Host and Domain Name

All websites need a Web Host and a Domain Name, and to ensure you own and have control over your website, we'd recommend you purchase these yourself. On average the cost for both will be between £100 - £200 per year.

The only consideration in relation to our Website Set-Up Service is that the hosting package supports the technical requirements needed to run WordPress. These requirements are common to most hosting packages, and we'll advise and offer recommendations to help you decide which hosting option to choose.

Once your hosting and domain name are set-up and active, we'll install the WordPress CMS for you and begin developing your website.


Web hosting is a service that allows you to effectively rent some space on a server computer, which includes technologies that 'serve-up' your website to those who request to see it (users/visitors). Web hosting is the service that allows anyone, from anywhere, at anytime to view your website.

Domain Name

Every website needs a Domain Name. A Domain Name is what we see as part of a web address, for example Domain Names can easily be purchased and registered alongside your hosting package.