WordPress editing interface

CMS – WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world. It is also free to download, install and use on any website. The reason for WordPress' popularity is it's ability to combine both ease of use with powerful functionality.

WordPress is a very mature and stable CMS, with an open source development model that has encouraged many contributors to add impressive features to it's core. For you this means having, not only a simple system to create and edit pages and/or blog posts, but also a platform that allows you to offer all kinds of additional components to your website should you need. Additional features such as e-commerce, events management, social media integration, CRM tools and fundraising plug-ins are all available on the WordPress platform.

We'll Get WordPress Up And Running For You

  1. First, we'll set-up the MySQL Database you'll need to use WordPress, on your host's server.
  2. Next, we'll upload, install and configure the latest version of WordPress for you.
  3. We'll then set-up your initial pages, configure your home page, add the menus/navigation and set-up your 'sidebar' features.
  4. Using the default WordPress Design Theme, we'll make some adaptations to reflect your organisation's colours and identity.