Blog About The Blog!

So, this first blog post is going to be about how wonderful the WordPress blog feature is, and the things you can do with it.

The blog engine in WordPress can be used for various purposes, such as News items, Events, Anouncements, and of course Blog posts.

When you write a post in WordPress the dashboard offers you options to display either a summary (with ‘continue reading’) of your post or the post in full. These summaries and full posts can then be displayed in various places on your website as lists. For example, on this website a list of suummaries can be found by clicking the main menu link ‘Our Blog’ and the lastest three posts also appear in the Sidebar to the left.

You also have options to create or use existing categories to place your posts in. Similarly, you can create or use multiple keyword ‘tags’ to relate your post to particular subjects. Again, these classification/filtering options can be placed in your website’s sidebar, allowing site visitors to read articles on subjects that interest them most. Also, categories and tags appear at the bottom of each post.